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Gap Analysis

KCSI has performed a Gap Analysis for some large clients in the Ottawa area. KCSI takes a client driven approach to a gap analysis, preffering not to focus on the technology, but on the needs of the clients. Effectively a gap analysis will measure the difference between where a client is, and where they want to be be.

For example, one gap analysis performed by KCSI was for an online content provider who was expecting a significant amount of growth. They could handle 10,000 hits per day with their current infrastructure and technologies, but wanted to know what they needed to do to be ready for 10 million hits per day. As a second example, one large client was experiencing outages for a total of 9% of the time. They wanted the number to be reduced to 1%. By focusing on the high level client requirements, KCSI was able in both cases to produce a cost effective growth path to ensure success.

If you find you are currently (or expecting in the future) not where you would like to be, please feel free to contact us for an analysis of the current or expected future shortfalls. KCSI can also provide recomendations for areas of noted deficiency as required.

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