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Jeffrey Burgoyne, Bsc(comp sci)

39 Kinalea, Stittsville Ontario K2S1L1
Phone H (613) 836 3634 C (613) 715 1672

ObjectiveMr. Burgoyne is currently seeking a short or long-term contract position where he can leverage his skills to produce cost effective, state of the art solutions for clients involved in IT service delivery.

Summary of Qualifications

Mr. Burgoyne is a client driven individual who prides himself on his knowledge of the many aspects of IT service delivery. His solutions have consistently demonstrated long term cost savings while improving the effectiveness and performance of his clients IT infrastructure. Whether a single person website, or a multi million dollar organization, he has consistently identified and implemented the correct solutions for his clients. He has acquired an extensive skill set during the past 17 years which has produced the following qualifications:

  • Over 15 years experience in UNIX software development in C/C++, including 14 years of Internet programming experience.
  • Over 12 years experience in developing secure applications, including E Commerce back end systems and client applications, SSL based clients and servers and PKI systems.
  • Over 10 years experience in designing and deploying high availability systems from both software and hardware perspectives.
  • Over 10 years experience in distributed computing and multi threaded programming.
  • Over 10 years experience with relational, object and full text database engines.
  • Solid understanding of Internet based protocols (such as IP and HTTP) allows for unique problem solving capabilities.
  • Has the ability to communicate both written and orally to a varied target audience.
  • Exceptional trouble shooting skills have proven invaluable to multiple clients.
  • Strong team leadership and project management skills have been honed due to a strong process oriented background (based upon ISO 9001 and ITIL) .

Security Clearance

Expiry Date:04/21/2016
Security Clearance No:95-39-2208 (Ajilon Canada)

Additional Certifications

ITIL Foundations, March 2006

Professional Experience

Industry Canada, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (Architect, Strategis Web Services) January 2003 - current

Mr. Burgoyne has spent the last three years designing and deploying high availability solutions for web-based services at Industry Canada as part of the Strategis Architectural Renewal project. He was a contributing member of the team that performed the initial gap analysis, options report, future roadmap and business case. He led the technical team that chose the hardware and networking platform, wrote the business requirements for the networking and hardware groups and developed the migration path and test plans for legacy systems and applications. His solution has resulted in approximately a 90% performance gain to the web server delivery speed and has resulted in 100% uptime to web traffic through three separate data centre failures.

In this capacity, Mr. Burgoyne has been involved in projects to choose an entirely new hardware platform (IBM blade centers), helped define the requirements for the deployment of the high availability network switches (Nortel Alteon), facilitated the acquisition and deployment of a Storage Area Network (IBM FastT) and disk clustering software (IBM GPFS), as well as working on product selection and high availability migration paths for enterprise software solutions such as Apache, Verity, Oracle, LDAP and Websphere. A Total Cost of Ownership analysis has shown that the changes, once fully implemented, will result in savings of approximately 400,000 dollars per year due to lower maintenance contracts and a reduced requirement for overtime for common operation issues. Furthermore, the entire hardware purchases required to implement the solution were actually 40% lower than the equivalent replacement cost of the previous pedestal server implementation.

Mr. Burgoyne is currently participating in a team that will spearhead the consolidation of a number of Industry Canada Websites into a common architecture. This project will involve the integration of multiple LDAP, Oracle, Websphere and Apache environments into one cohesive environment, and is expected to result in significant cost savings for Industry Canada.

During this timeframe, Mr. Burgoyne has continued in his role as Senior Operations Specialist as a part time member of the team, and has continued on a full time basis as a security advisor to the Strategis Operations and Development teams.

Canadian Forces Grievance Board, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (Troubleshooting) August 2005

Mr. Burgoyne was referred to the CFGB to trouble shoot an application issue that arose after a Unix migration. Several other experts were brought in to no avail. Mr. Burgoyne correctly identified what the issue was, initiated changes to the firewalls, DNS records and the application.

7th Groove Consulting, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (Web Site Migration) May 2005

Mr. Burgoyne worked with 7th groove consulting to migrate a users website from a shared server system to a dedicated server environment. Mr. Burgoyne was responsible for producing a report on the ISP selected for the new housing environment, and performing a gap analysis on the new service to ensure all required services were accounted for. Suggestions were made in the realm of backups, firewalls and security.

Mr. Burgoyne also set up the initial web server, configured mail services, mySQL, and produced documentation to allow the client the ability to perform routine maintenance issues such as adding new email accounts. He negotiated and arranged for a part time systems administrator to monitor and administer the machine.

Princeps Solutions, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (IT Analyst) September 2000

Mr. Burgoyne was subcontracted to Princeps solutions to work with a group of 5 companies to determine an appropriate technology path for a customer looking to boost their web presence. He was responsible for client interactions, producing an initial report for the current state of their technology and personnel, and worked on the future roadmap. Specifically, he looked at the areas of development tools, hardware, ISP and content management systems recommendations.

KCSI Keenuh Consulting Services Inc, Ottawa, Ontario

Chief Technology Officer July 1999 to present

Mr Burgoyne co-owns and runs the day-to-day operations of KCSI. In his capacity, he has been responsible for setting up a local network with Ethernet and wireless access points, a firewall, file server, and an Internet connection.

KCSI is currently in the development stages for a number of products. These include:

  • KARMA . An Apache module that will work across a distributed set of Apache Web Servers to proactively identify client applications that are exhibiting behaviour that would degrade service to the website (notably DDOS attacks), and implement measures to ensure degradation would not happen.
  • KRL . An Apache module that will grab logs directly from Apache across various machines, strip the logs to pertinent information and provide a centralized log file.
  • VSA . VSA is a Virtual Sports Agent program that can be used to simulate a salary cap for sports leagues. Current applications include its use as a training and analysis tool for sports leagues involves a restrictive spending model (i.e. salary cap) and for fantasy leagues. This application uses mySQL as a back end data store facility.
  • DaddyPoints . A web site designed for younger children and their parents as a replacement or supplement to an allowance system. Points are given by parents to children with which they can spend on non cost items or items available online via toys R us. MySQL is used as the storage back end mechanism.

Industry Canada, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (Operations Specialist, Strategis Web Services) July, 2000 current

Mr. Burgoyne continues to work for Strategis Web Services as the senior Operations Specialist. He has helped build the team and define its role within the organization over the previous 5 years. This has included a variety of sub projects described below.

Mr. Burgoyne worked extensively with Secure channel and Public Works for the Receiver General Buy Button project (RGBB) for the past several years. He participated in the initial designs, provided advice and expertise on the network connectivity issues, programmed the secure transport layer (with OpenSSL) and aided in the debugging and programming of the XML decoding. During this time he has gained extensive knowledge of the internal working of the Secure Channel service broker. During the past 12 months, Mr Burgoyne has participated in an analysis of the Secure Channel single sign on product (Epass) for use within Industry Canada products and services.

Mr. Burgoyne is responsible for managing the configuration of Apache for all web machines within the Strategis web environment. He has been responsible for tuning the parameters for optimal performance, defining an architecture of includes for minimal maintenance and errors and introducing Apache driven variables for client programs overriding hard coded defaults.

Mr. Burgoyne acts as the Strategis liaison to Operations and Network services for performance analysis and network problem resolution (ATM and Gigabit Ethernet). In this capacity, he is responsible for tracking network access issues to ensure client access to the Strategis web site is operating at optimal efficiency. He provides capacity planning services by stress testing new applications that are being introduced into the environment and assesses their impact on the current environmental configuration and requests changes or hardware upgrades as required. He interfaces directly with the Industry Canada IT Security team to identify unauthorized robot access and to ensure that access is halted and the offending parties are informed of their infractions. In this capacity he has developed a number of solutions to combat Distributed Denial of Service Attacks against web-based services.

Mr. Burgoyne has been instrumental in defining a MITS compliant network zone architecture for the various web based services within Industry Canada. In this capacity he championed an architecture based upon MITS compliancy integrated with industry best practices. This proposal was presented to IT Security and Network engineering. It was accepted and is the project is currently about half way to completion.

Mr. Burgoyne has programmed or modified a number of Apache modules over the past several years. These include:

Mod_aliasMr. Burgoyne has modified some internal Apache core code and rewritten the mod_alias module to perform sorted lists and associated searches, resulting in an 80% performance gain for Redirect lookups.
Mod_proxyMr. Burgoyne has modified the Apache mod_proxy module to have configurable timeouts on socket blocks. This has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of site outages on the Strategis Web Site.
Mod_fast_strategisMr. Burgoyne wrote a new module strictly for the Strategis environment that allowed for configurable bypassing of URI translation rules, which resulted in a 70% performance increase in hits to the Strategis web site. The after effect saw the total memory usage and CPU usage for Apache drop by 50%. This two-week project nullified a proposed 100K hardware purchase.
Mod_auth_oracleMr. Burgoyne made specific changes into mod_auth_oracle to deal with accented characters, as well as porting the module to Apache 2 and Oracle 9i.
Mod_aliasMr. Burgoyne made some specific changes within mod_alias to allow redirects between HTML pages and EPIC work properly.

Mr. Burgoyne works as the security expert and advisor for the Strategis development team, including developing SSL UNIX based servers and providing PKI advice and UNIX programming expertise. In this capacity, he has developed a secure protocol to allow outside agencies restricted access into Industry Canada databases that contains information collected under the privacy act. This included sockets and SSL programming using OpenSSL on UNIX. He works closely with the Networks Operations and Unix System Administration groups within Industry Canada in analysing and defining the security requirements. He was the driving force behind ensuring that all E-Commerce activity through Strategis must use a minimum 128 bit strong ciphers. He handles all the certificate management policies for SSL based web servers in the Strategis environment including vendor selection, key creation and certificate procurement. He is also responsible for the creation and reviews of Threat Risk Assessments for certain enterprise software components, as well as in house developed applications.

Industry Canada, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (Senior Software Design/Development, Strategis) Jan 1997 . July 2000

Mr. Burgoyne has developed several web based E Commerce related applications such as the Online Trademark Application and the Insolvency Name Search. He designed and developed these systems to use multiple E-Commerce payment types with the ability to easily change back end payment engines. He also was responsible for integrating these systems with back end applications and financial systems.

Mr. Burgoyne held the position of team leader for the Strategis E Commerce initiative. In this capacity he has co-ordinated the efforts of the vendor who was awarded the E-Commerce back end contract, interfaced with the technical staff of the other involved technical groups within Industry Canada, the financial team and managed the development team. He was responsible for defining the architecture used for the Strategis E-Commerce system and designing the Application Programming Interface (API) used by the various technical teams. He also has defined the requirements for the next generation E-Commerce offering at Strategis including a shopping cart interface. He was responsible for designing and implementing a secure data passing method using high-end cryptography algorithms to be used with the IBM Websphere Java environment.

Mr. Burgoyne has defined the requirements and implemented a secure financial reporting system for Industry Canada financial personnel to use to aid in financial reconciliation and bank inquiries. All work was done with C under Unix utilizing Oracle and running under Apache.

Mr. Burgoyne has developed a configuration based registration system for the Strategis environment that has proven highly usable and robust. This application is accessed from multiple technologies and servers with a fully data driven look and feel while adding data driven data management capabilities. It has retained the ability to write to multiple back end authentication servers including Oracle and LDAP.

Mr. Burgoyne has been involved with the Strategis Websphere initiative from inception. He was involved with the original committee that made the selection, helped with initial installations, and provides troubleshooting and deployments within the environment.

Industry Canada, Ottawa Ontario

Contract Position (Quality Assurance, NUANS) May 1996 - December 1996

Mr. Burgoyne worked with the NUANS (Newly Updated Automated Name Search) group as the lead tester for their Unix initiative. From 1991 to 1995 NUANS performed a migration from a Mainframe based system to a Unix system. He was responsible for unit and system testing of over 1000 programs and over 30 job streams. In this capacity, he interfaced directly with the chosen vendor in performing capacity planning tests, allowing the vendor to accurately determine the appropriate hardware configuration to deploy. Mr He was responsible for developing a parser /code analyzer to automatically fix all of the system programs when it was determined that the code written was not compatible with the host hardware platform.

Nortel Networks, Ottawa Ontario

Member of Scientific Staff (Senior Developer) December1993 - May 1996

Mr. Burgoyne was employed by Nortel Networks to provide system design and programming services for their SMS (Services Management System) with Nortel.s AIN (Advanced Intelligent Networks) product offering.

Mr. Burgoyne worked as an object oriented designer and developer during his tenure at Nortel. Responsibilities included working in a team environment to develop the high level system design for the SMS, developing the coding standards to be used for the product, and developing the object streaming protocol that was used for all communications within the system

Mr. Burgoyne worked in a small team (3) to develop a transaction model prototype of the SMS leading to a 50000% increase in product performance. This system radically departed from the previous architecture and database to achieve these results.

Mr. Burgoyne acted as the lead Ottawa based contact for a technology group in Australia with the assignment to share and integrate technologies. Mr Burgoyne.s Ottawa based team travelled to Australia to work with the group and his responsibility was to gather all the incoming technology evaluations and interface with other groups within the AIN product offering in determining how best to integrate the systems.

Mr. Burgoyne designed and developed a performance management and monitoring system for the SMS. This allowed remote monitoring and performance analysis of the SMS system.

Mr. Burgoyne was the ISO 9001 representative and internal auditor for a C level section of the AIN department.

CTMG Canadian Technology Marketing Group, Ottawa Ontario

Developer March 1992 - December1993

CTMG was a consulting and product firm located in Ottawa who eventually became Active Systems. Mr. Burgoyne was hired to work on the OfficeSmith product, a full text SGML based database engine. His responsibilities were product maintenance and systems integration.

Mr. Burgoyne developed applications for the OfficeSmith SGML database engine for various public and private parties. These included the government of Colombia, NCC, OWMC and many others.

Mr. Burgoyne developed a distributed SQL interface and API for the OfficeSmith SGML database engine. This allowed the OfficeSmith to be deployed in advanced hardware configurations with multiple machines to better handle performance issues while increase system scalability. This was further refined to allow a high availability deployment configuration.

Mr. Burgoyne developed a sophisticated SGML tagging program for the government of Colombia to mark up and index scanned legal documents. These documents were uploaded directly into the OfficeSmith with custom tags that allowed full text searching and display characteristics.

Mr Burgoyne was also responsible for installation of two CTMG LAN.s, one Arcnet and another Ethernet, as well as a bridge between the two LAN.s.

Treasury Board , Ottawa Ontario

Co op student 1991,1992 (2 - 4 month terms)

Mr. Burgoyne worked as a co-op student with the Treasury Board providing helpdesk services for an installed base of 100+ PCs, installing hardware, software and networking components. Mr Burgoyne was responsible for developing a server based program that automatically updated remote PC=s with new configuration items required for new software. He was also responsible for developing statistical programs for employment statistics about the federal public service

Dow Chemical , Sarnia Ontario

Co op student 1990 (4 month)

Mr. Burgoyne was employed as a co-op employee by Dow Chemical in a help desk position. He was responsible for developing training courses for VAX/VMS for non-technical Dow employees.

Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency , Moncton New Brunswick

Co op student 1989 (8 month)

Mr. Burgoyne was employed as a co-operative employee for the Atlantic Canada opportunities Agency. He developed in house tracking systems (correspondence, hardware) in Clipper, provided help desk support, and installed and evaluated new software and hardware components.

University Education

Bachelor Science (computer science) co op with specialist in mathematical analysis, 1992, University of New Brunswick.

Post-Secondary Education Courses

TCP/IP Networking essentials, Nortel Networks, 1994
Team Leadership, Nortel Networks, 1993
Data Communications, Nortel Networks, 1994
Project Management, Nortel Networks, 1995
Quality Auditing, Nortel Networks, 1994
Advanced C++, Learning Tree, 1994
ClearQuest, 2002
Rational Unified Process, 2002

Technical Skills Summary

Senior Level C/C++, UNIX, Apache, HTTP(S), SSL, Security Analysis, E-Commerce, HTML, software architecture, HA architecture
Intermediate Level Technical Writing, Project Management, Software Design and Analysis, network architecture, Perl, Java
Junior Level J2EE


Marc Boudreau, current manager, 3 years, e-mail
Mike Clarkin, co-worker, 7 years, e-mail
Fraser MacKenzie, co-worker, 10 years, e-mail