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Project Management

KCSI has access to several well established IT project managers. As with all KCSI services, these project managers have been chosen for their client first approach. They have extensive hard core IT experience allowing them to communicate effectively with your IT resources, but the business and communications skills to weave through the executive side of your business. KCSI project managers focus on three main areas, correctness, cost and timeframe, in that specific order. Keeping that in mind, KCSI project managers first focus their energies on correctness, or producing the right solution that works as expected. Being on time or on budget means little if the solution is not correct. Cost remains a primary factor in managing an IT project, only slightly behind correctiveness. And lastly, timeframes. If IT projects have taught us anything, it is that IT projects rarely come in on schedule. Therefore, why spend effort on making timeframes that are not likely to be met, and still give a solution that is not correct. Schedules are important, but at the end of the day, they are not the motivating factor in an IT project.

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