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Team Building

The high tech boom of the late 90's have served the post millenium IT world well in one regard; There are now a significant number of seemingly qualified resources for hire. Unfortunately for many company and groups, this has not translated into higher productivity. At KCSI, we have recognized that the team collective on a project is as important as the individual skills that your staff brings to the table. Personality nuances, such as how staff handles tricky and stressful situations is ultimately more important than their numbers of years experience in programming in Java. This need arises even more strongly in operational groups, where stresses and pressures often lead to solutions that are not optimal.

KCSI has developed an interview process that is meant to flush out personality characteristics and traits that will not be obvious through standard interview questions. Unlike many "physcological" tests, however, this process were designed by IT people, and is generally strongly accepted by an IT interviewie. IT questions that come off as technical questions are in fact physoclogical questions meant to coax out traits when the interviewie is in their own environment.

If you are building or adding to an IT operational team, KCSI would be glad to give a hand in developing an interview strategy and question set that would increase the odds of you getting the correct staff hired the first time. If the team dynamics of your operation group seems ot leads to more conflicts than it does resolutions, KCSI can provide advice on rectifying the situation and identfying courses of actions that will not cause undue hardship on your company or the group.

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