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Introducing KSCI.
KCSI is an association of IT specialists who have proven themselves in the IT sector as innovative thinkers who provide long term cost effective solutions for clients in the area of IT Service Delivery. Their main area of expertise are:

Proven track record in providing IT services to the government of Canada in the sector of IT service delivery, technical architecture and security standards.

Proven track record in the realm of IT infrastructure analysis with regardes to producing the lowest cost solution for the client.

Knowledgeable experts in the area of open source software, including both the benefits and pitfalls of using open source software.

Proven project and people management skill set. KCSI and associates have helped build teams of operational staff through unique and innovative recruitment methods.

Proven integrators for providing High Availability solutions, including networks switches, hardware redundancy, disk clustering software and enterprise software integration.

KCSI and all their associates are dedicated to providing the customer with the most cost effective solution to solve their IT service delivery needs, and not a penny more.

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